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With You, Not At You.

Cool Blue is no longer on FM in Auckland. We are now streaming using Live365.

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The old Windows media streams have now been discontinued. Please use the Live365 service above.

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The Cool Blue Philosophy

Cool Blue was the brainchild of Terry Hancox. He decided that there was a need for a radio station that did not have the same small playlist repeated all the time, did not have raving DJ's and continuous contesting. He surmised that there were a lot of discerning people out there who were looking for something different from radio. A radio station that was an 'oasis' from the hype and sameness of other radio. The reaction from our listeners over the last few years has proved he was right.

Cool Blue has a core of Jazz and Blues, but part of the philosophy is that it is not confined to that. It also includes elements of R & B, Rock N Roll, Folk, Americana, Cuban and Brazilian,  Celtic, European and African music and more. Hearing music this way often enables the listener to appreciate the roots of the various styles, and it also broadens the appreciation of music that you might not have heard before.

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Our Address: Cool Blue Radio, Box 124, Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Phone: +64(27)443-4007 OR +64(27)495-8697

If you have any questions or suggestion, please email or call
We are also able to provide this format for your radio station or satellite service

e mail Brian at or Terry phone at +64(27)443-4007


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